After TBL – the laundry!

There are moments of spiritual highs, and moments of practical reality.  Such is the richness of life.

And so, after the celebration of 1000 years of worship at Warfield Church, there was the laundry to be done.


Here is Jan’s joy.

Jan is the one who masterminded the party at the end of the Bible reading. She coordinated a team of  cooks, servers and food prepers, clearer uppers , shoppers, runners and dogsbodies, tea makers and advisors, fridge suppliers, washer uppers, encouragers, brolley holders, coat lenders, table setters and people who put jam in pots!

A truly amazing team!

Can’t you feel Jan’s delight when she steps back to admire her full line of pristine white aprons as the morning sun rises over them? Raising the flag on a job well done.

Jan – thank you so much for all that you did and for sharing this moment with us.



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