After The Bible Live – the Bible lives!

One question many people ask me since The Bible Live ended is “Can we do it again?” They  found it such a life affirming and life changing experience they want to relive it.

It was thrilling! There was something very special about the sense of community, about being part of a significant event, about the lighting and the stage, and about stepping out of our comfort zone. We sensed the privilege of reading God’s word out loud and some of us were moved to tears.

But the one thing that comes out each time is how the Bible spoke to us personally.

For most of us, the Old Testament is fairly unknown territory. And yet, as we read, the characters came alive, the numbers and genealogies became real people, and the big story from beginning to end held a very clear message of rebellion. It felt uncomfortable, but it rang true.

The more familiar text of the New Testament brought hope that rose above the ongoing undertone of rebellion. The life of Jesus was challenging, brief and shocking and the message to get ready for his coming again was clear.

No wonder we want to hold on to the experience. We want to stay in the story because we know it is our story. We recognise we have a lot to learn and we enjoy learning together.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only do we want to relive it – we want to talk about it. To share the thrill of our experience.

img_5831So how about celebrating our experience of The Bible Live by giving a Bible to those who have none?

For £5 per month you can partner with The Bible Society in their Bible a Month scheme to make the word of God available to more people around the world.

Here is one story from the Bible Society this month telling us about the difference receiving a Bible can make.

When Salma fled her home in Syria with her husband and seven children for the safety of Jordan, they didn’t think it would be for long.

Three years later, Salma’s home town has been all but destroyed. The family has lost everything – their home, the shop her husband ran, the life they used to know.

In the midst of all this, Bible Society has helped the family find an apartment – basic, but a home nevertheless. We have introduced Salma to a local church, where she has been attending a weekly women’s group.

Here is where the biggest change happened. At this group, Salma could share her worries and receive prayer. She also received a Bible, courtesy of Bible Society. As a result, she met Jesus – the Jesus she has now chosen to put her faith in.

‘The belief in Jesus makes life worth living, even though I own nothing,’ she said. ‘The Bible is everything in my life. I’ve changed. I believe God brought me here from Syria, to go from dark to light.’

It is true! “When people engage with the Bible lives can change – for good.”

We can make The Bible live live on by sharing the good news with others!


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